Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"LES Galleries Reaction".. "Field trip#4'

While at LES , i visited three galleries imparticular  which were

  • Terrazzo Art Projects
  • Bosi Contemporary
  • McKenzie Fine Art

These galleries tend to show a kind of different type of art compared to the galleries in Chelsea.Chelsea galleries seem very high maintenance and seems to have artist that are more known and make alot of money. The galleries in LES have artwork from artist not as famous or artist we have not yet to hear about yet. Also the galleries in LES seemed to be kind of "Dirty" , the floors were dirty,also each gallery had there own specific scent compared to Chelsea galleries it smelled like nothing and the floors very very clean and the gallery looked very organized.I feel LES galleys do not really cater to the same collectors as Chelsea galleries ,but then again i feel it can for the simple facet art is art and many collectors can be attracted to "low-price art" or "High-price art" ,it all depends on how the collector views the artist work .

The surroundings at LES does not effect the how I myself view the work in each gallery at LES.I feel the surroundings don't really bother me because I was to focus on what was the center of my attention . While walking into all three galleries at LES i was very surprised and i was very interested and couldn't believe such beautiful artwork .The artwork was quite amazing it really surprised me , and i learned you cant really judge something based on where its surroundings are. What really mattered to me was viewing the artwork and actually seeing how much work the artist put into this artwork ,i really enjoyed myself at both galleries.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Design in our lives"..."Field trip #3"

"High Functionality"

 The "Mine Kafon", I would describe this as a "High Functionality". The aspects I feel this art has for being an "High Functionality", are many. The Mine Kafon has a purpose,as a child Hassani and his younger brother would play with there homemade wind-powered toys. Many times these wind-powered toys would get blown away and roll out int the desert landing in the company of landmines.Massoud Hassani created the Mine Kafon to be on this journey  ,in destroying landmines and its no joke! With each leg it loses ,it helps to destroy these landmines, making a safer environment for young children.
Massoud Hassani 
"Mine Kafon wind-powered Deminer"
Bamboo and biodegradable plastics
2011 year completed
 The "Basic House", This would be another piece i would describe as "High Functionality". This is an self-inflating home,This can be used as shelter.The basic house uses your body temperature or the heat from the sun to puff up and become this insulated house which provides shelter against against the basic weather. This is a quite amazing piece of artwork ,Martin Azua created.The cozy , tent like home can be something that people may purchase if going camping outdoors and it can be set up in blink of a eye,without any fussing around!
Martin Azua
" Basic House"
 1999 Year completed


-What my "High Functionality" objects have in common is they have a purpose ,also they both are very ergonomic.Both objects where created to make something easier or a little better ,i guess you can say.Both objects really shows us ,the artist created something that either worked well with the human body or at least helped out with to make something a safer place for an human. 


"Low Functionality"
 T"he Honey Comb Vase "Made by Bees",I consider this to be an "Low Functionality". Libertiny constructed a vase-shaped beehive scaffolds and let nature do its thing.The Vase was created by the nourished bees feeding off the flowers ,which enabled the bees to create the outcome they did...which ended with something that started with flowers is now a vase that's suppose to contain flowers.This really made no sense to me ,to be completely honest. Libertiny "let Nature do its job", but then what was his job?
Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny
"The Honeycomb Vase ,Made by Bees"
2006 Year completed


"Endless Flow Rocking Chair", would definitely be another piece in the "Low Functionality".Vander Kooij ,design can be corrected or fixed making each piece unique.This chair is one out of fifty-four models ...this chair can be fixed religiously until it is comfortable to sit on.
 Dirk Vander Kooij
"Endless Flow Rocking Chair"
Recycled Plastic
2011 year completed
-What my "Low Functionality" objects have in common is they just sit there ,and dont really help to make anything easier or help out in any way thats beneficial to the human race. I dont feel as if these objects are ergonomic at all, I feel there can be things changed to change the way these objects are for use or potrayed. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Illustrate a Story".... "Project #3"

This is the story of Samuel Taylor,Who came out to his mother at age 15. Samuel felt as if being gay was a virus, His mother did not accept him and tried to "fix" her son, but yet she came to the conclusion at the end of the day you have to accept your child no matter what.Samuel's mother blamed herself for him being the way he was ,she felt as if he had no male figure and being raised by a woman made Samuel who he was she believed. Now at 22, Samuel Forgives his mother and she fully accepts and is very proud of the son she has today. 
The Drawing below represents acceptance with ones self ,and the beauty of  Samuel as a growing individual   and how  strong of a person he has turned into today,because of the obstacles bad a good he has faced.

Friday, October 11, 2013

"Chelsea Galleries Reaction" .. "Field Trip 5"

Paula Cooper Gallery

While visiting the Paula cooper gallery ,i came across works or arts i disliked very much. one of the works i disliked was named "Wall Drawing #564" , I disliked this very much ,for the simple fact i don't feel anything when a look at it ,i just get a huge headache because of these very vivid colors.I feel like the colors are way too much and the shapes are everywhere,it is like a nightmare i could not get away from it was everywhere i turned.Sol Lewitt's "wall Drawing #564" , I feel is not a good investment. The reason i feel this way is this is not something that really would speak to anyone ,and after a while of having this in your home you would go insane! Maybe this is just me but i love artwork that is very unique and different ,this might be different but this is not what i like.


                                                      "Wall Drawing #564",1980's

The second painting i disliked Very was another one created from Sol Lewitt.I disliked "Squiggly brushstrokes", I just look at it and think ,"wow the title really fits this painting", That is all i see when i look at this a painting a bunch of squiggly brushstrokes.If i had this painting ,this would be locked away in my basement.This would not be in my home being shown , this painting sort of hypnotizes you when you stare at it for a while ,but that's all it does .To be bluntly honest this is a stupid painting ,and i don't understand its purpose.Although the title does fit this painting  very well i must say.

                                                      "Squiggly Brushstrokes",1996

                                                           Artist Name;Sol Lewitt

Anton Kern Gallery

While visting Anton Kern Gallery, There were two works that really interested me.The first one was "Yellow Front Hall", I found this painting really interesting from the wierd looking dog to the point where he paintined little mini paintings of a  actual painting of "5 Birds". I found this very interesting that he put that in there ,you have to be really looking at this painting very well to notice that Jonas wood incorporated another painting into another painting.If i had this painting i would definatley show it off in my home or room , it  is a very calm looking but yet interesting painting that draws your attention.I Definetly think this painting is a good investment , i really like the how chill this painting makes you feel,or makes you feel at home ,and then he throws in that creepy dog ,makes you feel right at home!

"Yellow Front Hall",2013

        The Second painting i really enjoyed looking at by Jonas Wood, was the "Doyle" .I found this painting quite interesting ,for the fact while looking at the actual painting in person you can really see the brush strokes in this painting. I find that very interesting .Also i love how he really smooths everrything out ,but when he paints the old man he lets the brush strokes show in the old guys face and hand ,which really draws your attention to the painting.                                          

Atrist Name ; Jonas Wood

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Art and identity: The Museum of Modern Art", "Field Trip#1"

  Art making can change your personal views on something,it can make you question what you see and how you see it.There were many artworks that made me think a little hard in the terms of individual identity,cultural identity and identity of a historical time or place. While at the Moma, I chose three pieces of art that really stood out to me ,and showed me the three identity I wanted to see the artist had captured. 
      Lisa Oppenheim ,Volcano erupting, 1908/2012.This piece was taken by a man holding a large camera photographing a cataclysmic event ,possibly a volcano erupting.This piece is showing me Historical identity.Oppenheim embodies historical identity in this artwork ,she is showing me a event that took place ,during a certain time period ,this was a past event that occurred and was captured with a photograph.This work of art differ from the work of art I chose,the artwork has a certain belief ,this is showing me a time when an event was taking place and how it was captured in different photographs of the artwork,with different tones of gray to really embody the moment and question it.

Ana Ostoya,Mixed Psedomorphism of a true/False cry,2010.This piece is showing me individual identity, I feel as if the artist is showing me her as an artist,showing a feeling of what is simply real and what is simply fake.She captured this identity ,for the simple  fact she is showing me the difference of both sides ,i feel as if she is trying to tell me something ,about herself as an artist ,as an individual artist,she put this artwork in a unique way that really made me question what is the message of this piece,there are always two sides to something whether true or false. 

Leslie Hewitt,Riffs on Real Time,2002-05.Last but not least this artist really captured cultural identity.Hewitt really shows what she believes in through her lens, she takes different cultural objects and creates her artwork.I have to say by far this impressed me the most.I feel as if her work overlaps with any other piece of art for the simple fact she really uses a different approach when creating her piece.Hewitt takes popular and personal objects and really embodies the message she is really trying to send.

 Oppenheim,Lisa ,Volcano Erupting,1908/2012,(www.Moma.com)
Ostoya,Anna , Mixed Psedomorphism of a true/false cry,2010 (www.moma.com)
 Hewitt,Leslie ,Riffs on Real Time,2002-05 (www.moma.com)


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"This reminds me of a time when.."

This is a mixture of a dream and some things that are important to me, and what makes me and my good friend so close.We share similar things in common.We share a love for animals and appreciate nature .Also we  always have crazy fun ,and its always positive energy when we are around one another.The collage really shows alot of things i have a love for and what makes me happy.Which are my friend,animals,Nature & starwars.Hope you enjoyed this collage just as much as i enjoyed creating it,Enjoy!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good art /Bad art

    Good art ,can be seen in many ways and created on different mind sets.My opinion on good art is something that is different ,unique.Something that really makes you wonder what was the artist thinking when they created this piece and how were they feeling.Good art can be something that stands out to you ,something you notice first ,something that catches your attention.But i also feel like there is many good art created in many different ways whether it be a painting or words on a paper ,something that really makes you think,  i feel can be considered art.Even if the art has a story behind the piece is even more interesting its better then a copy of something that has no story behind it.I feel as if good art makes you see things in a whole different way or makes you understand it,or you atleast try to understand it.

Bad art,At times i want to be moved or i want to see what that artist is trying to tell me threw there work , If there is no meaning i feel like that's not really good art or art at all. For example its like me just having a piece of paper and saying that's art ,meanwhile there is no message coming from that paper, or it does not have me thinking at all . I feel like bad art it something that's just a copy of someone else work ,or something you don't really put any thought into it ,something you just don't try to understand.At times you might not understand good art or bad art at all..But i feel like it should atleast have you thinking like "wow ,what is this artist trying to tell me through this kind of art..". Bad art is something that's expected , i feel like you should always expect the unexpected in art in general something that blows your mind.