Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"LES Galleries Reaction".. "Field trip#4'

While at LES , i visited three galleries imparticular  which were

  • Terrazzo Art Projects
  • Bosi Contemporary
  • McKenzie Fine Art

These galleries tend to show a kind of different type of art compared to the galleries in Chelsea.Chelsea galleries seem very high maintenance and seems to have artist that are more known and make alot of money. The galleries in LES have artwork from artist not as famous or artist we have not yet to hear about yet. Also the galleries in LES seemed to be kind of "Dirty" , the floors were dirty,also each gallery had there own specific scent compared to Chelsea galleries it smelled like nothing and the floors very very clean and the gallery looked very organized.I feel LES galleys do not really cater to the same collectors as Chelsea galleries ,but then again i feel it can for the simple facet art is art and many collectors can be attracted to "low-price art" or "High-price art" ,it all depends on how the collector views the artist work .

The surroundings at LES does not effect the how I myself view the work in each gallery at LES.I feel the surroundings don't really bother me because I was to focus on what was the center of my attention . While walking into all three galleries at LES i was very surprised and i was very interested and couldn't believe such beautiful artwork .The artwork was quite amazing it really surprised me , and i learned you cant really judge something based on where its surroundings are. What really mattered to me was viewing the artwork and actually seeing how much work the artist put into this artwork ,i really enjoyed myself at both galleries.

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